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Jennifer Read Hawthorne

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Diamonds, Pearls & Stones

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There’s a reason women are singing the praises of Diamonds, Pearls & Stones. In our hectic, mobile society, young women can feel isolated and insecure. In this purse-sized “portable support group,” you will find sage advice from some of society’s most powerful and wise women ages 36 to 104—including celebrities such as Maya Angelou, Mother Teresa and Oprah Winfrey.

Like spending time with a cherished woman friend, this book will help you uncover your own truth and unique gifts.

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Read an excerpt Feedback from readers


This little jewel of a book is a powerful tool for young adults. It’s very readable and
easy to digest, yet packed full of timeless wisdom. Jennifer and Barbara found interesting ways to explore the complexity of questions we ask ourselves. I especially like the sections where you get together with friends and discuss certain questions. In these stressful and emotional times, where meanness of spirit is so often idolized, it is vital to hear from the voices of compassion.

Amber Tamblyn
start of televisions’s Joan of Arcadia & Golden Globe nominee

What a beautiful handbook for young women passing into womanhood. My own daughter is turning 13, and I will definitely share it with her. It's a priceless gift from one generation to another.

Catherine Oxenberg
actress and mother

Diamonds, Pearls & Stones is full of absolute gems! These are words that nourish, uplift and promote self-love.


This is a powerful book for reconnecting with the circle of women. It’s a book that reminds us of the infinite reservoir of support available to us all when we open ourselves to the wisdom of women who’ve gone before us.

—Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.
author of Inner Peace for Busy Women and A Woman’s Book of Life

I was unexpectedly struck by the power of this book. Congratulations on a really wonderful result…I hope this work truly will become well circulated…for the value it can have to women…of all ages !

Linda Elliott
former executive vice president, Visa International

[This book] is beautifully designed and definitely inspiring. Every statement is a profound glimpse into Truth. Thank you for creating such a jewel.

Deva Premal

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