Jennifer Read Hawthorne

Jennifer Read Hawthorne

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What Book Clients Say

“Jennifer is one of the most brilliant writers I know and have had the pleasure to work with. She has the extraordinary ability to make any writing come alive with language that is clear, accessible, and engaging. Iíve worked with Jennifer over the past twenty years and have co-authored four New York Times bestselling books with her, so I speak from experience when I say that she brings unwavering dedication, compassionate understanding, and profound insight to every project sheís involved with. She is every writerís dream.”

Marci Shimoff
#1 New York Times bestselling author,
Happy for No Reason,
Chicken Soup for the Womanís Soul (and others),
and featured teacher in The Secret

“Jennifer literally saved my book and helped make it the #1 Time Management book on Amazon. Before engaging Jennifer, I thought I had a finished product. But a friend—a bestselling author herself—told me I needed to send it to Jennifer. Jennifer immediately found the problems and the solutions. Together, and in a relatively short time, we reorganized the content for better structure and flow, cut unneeded text, tightened and polished. The result was a book ten times better, now considered the best in its field. Jennifer worked her magic!”

Michael Linenberger
Author of four best-selling productivity books, including Master Your Workday Now! and
The One-Minute To-Do List

“I was having a difficult time determining the right direction for my series of childrenís books. I hired Jennifer for a consultation and within a one-hour timeframe, I had obtained more useful information from her than in all the months I spent collecting data on my own. She is warm, knowledgeable, and a true professional!”

Sabrina K. Carpenter
Author, Betting on One Percent and
The Adventures of Isaiah James: Beach Boy

“Jennifer went the extra mile, translating my medical jargon into a conversational style that could be understood by any reader. Her knowledge of the publishing industry was invaluable to me in getting the book to publication. Jennifer, you are great!”

Carol Westbrook, MD
Author, Ask an Oncologist

“Working with you on this book has inspired me to wake up each has awakened the deep desire within me to finally birth the book that’s been sitting on the hard drive for over a decade.”

Stephen J. Hopson
Author, Obstacle Illusions

“You have given this book a quality and life it would never have known without you. Thank you for opening up a whole new world, for teaching and inspiring me to go above and beyond anything I ever dreamed of. The combination of your professionalism and great enthusiasm made this book what it became. Thank you for all you taught me and for all the fun as well. Thank you with all my heart.”

Anton Uhl
Artist, TV Cooking Show Host, and Author,
The Millionaireís Diet: Eating for Success

“Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation I have for Jennifer Read Hawthorne, the amazingly talented editor who worked with me on this project... She brought a caring and insightful approach to the editing process—and I personally enjoyed the wonderful friendship created as a result.”

Scott Mager
Attorney and Author,
You Are the Best

“You challenge me to become something I never dreamed I could be.”

Eric Ehrke
Psychologist and Author,
The Consciousness Handbook

“Love it, love it, love it. You are a genius!”

Vickie Juggart,
Author, The Answer is Pink

“Wow, Jennifer, I don’t know what I’d do without you! You go above and beyond whatís expected of an editor...But most importantly, you give me confidence. After you finished editing my book and gave it your stamp of approval, the self-consciousness I felt about presenting my words to the world turned into pride. Thank you so much!”

Laura Froemling
Author, How to Make Kids &
What to Demand of Schools

“As an author it’s important to me to have my works professionally edited—but that my voice not be lost in the process. Jennifer edited my first two books, and in both cases not only was she prompt, professional and perfect, but my voice was never lost. In fact, Jennifer did such a great job editing that it is difficult for me even to know which words are hers and which are mine. I recommend Jennifer to everyone! Iím in the process of writing book three, and I will without a doubt be hiring Jennifer to edit that book as well.”

Kimberly Klein
Author, Hummingbirds Donít Fly in the Rain
and The Universe Speaks

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