Jennifer Read Hawthorne

Jennifer Read Hawthorne

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Editing Services

#1 Bestseller Author Jennifer Read Hawthorne Will Edit Your Book or Publication

Jennifer Read Hawthorne is an award-winning author/editor specializing in editing and writing books, articles, newsletters, brochures, and technical documentation and manuals. Topics include business, self-help, spirituality, health and how-to. Her extensive writing/editing experience includes books; newspaper, magazine and broadcast journalism; poetry; and technical writing. She has also taught business and technical writing at the Master's level and in the corporate world.

Jennifer is the author/editor of seven books (four bestsellers), including the #1 bestsellers Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul and Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul. Her books have sold more than 14 million copies.

Says client Michael Linenberger, author of four best-selling productivity books, including Master Your Workday Now!:

“Jennifer literally saved my book and helped make it the #1 Time Management book on Amazon. Before engaging Jennifer, I thought I had a finished product. I had had several editorial passes made by others, and it wasn’t bad, but I knew it was lacking. I asked a trusted (and well-known) writer friend of mine to take a look and she said, “It needs more editing.”

That friend then recommended Jennifer. Jennifer immediately found the problems and the solutions. In a relatively short time, after a bit of her recommended reorganizing, rewriting (and tossing of some unneeded text), the book was ten times better, and it’s now considered the best in its field. Jennifer worked her magic!”

A regular contributor to Affluent magazine's "Life Coach" section, Jennifer has also written articles on self-esteem and success for Entrepreneur Magazine and Ladies Home Journal. In 2008 she was featured in a cover story for the physicians' magazine Radius. In addition, she has written hundreds of computer software user manuals and business procedure manuals.

As a successful author, editor and writing coach, Jennifer has developed a unique ability to work with clients at every stage of their work. In addition to line editing and copyediting, she specializes in evaluating and giving big-picture feedback on the structure and organization of any type or length material.

An expert at conversational writing, one of Jennifer's gifts is presenting information in accessible language that the intended audience can easily read and understand. Her experience teaching English as both a foreign and second language makes her uniquely qualified to work with non-native English speakers.

More than an editor, Jennifer's deep insight into human nature and the use of language enables her to write effectively for all audiences.

A summary of Jennifer’s unique skills includes:

  • Knowledge as a published author of what it takes to bring a book to a publishing/marketing level.
  • Ability to make information accessible for the intended audience. Expert in conversational writing.
  • Ability to give honest and objective feedback with heart and sensitivity.
  • Ability to take material from several co-authors and integrate it into a consistent voice.
  • Ability to work with non-native English speakers to ensure proper use of standard accepted English phraseology without compromising the essence of their concepts, information or message.
  • Master of punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, organization and flow.

Jennifer holds a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from Louisiana State University.

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