Jennifer Read Hawthorne

Jennifer Read Hawthorne

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Consulting Services

Want to write your own book? Starting your own speaking business?

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly where to start, but Jennifer Read Hawthorne can help you sort out important issues and answer many of your questions about how to break into these highly competitive businesses.

Jennifer has written or co-authored seven books, among them four New York Times bestsellers, including the #1 Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul. She’s also had 30 years experience speaking and coaching.

In as little as one hour, she can answer many of your questions and help you gain the clarity and confidence you need to take the next step with your book or presentation.

“Jennifer has an amazing ability to ask the right questions, make helpful suggestions, provide new insights, see patterns, honor your own ‘voice’ and help you weave a new creation that is both utterly yours and yet somehow better.”
—Robertson Work, United Nations consultant, Garrison, New York

Writing Your Own Book

Jennifer will meet with you via phone or email to:

  1. Clarify your purpose and intention
  2. Determine whether your book is marketable
  3. Decide whether self-publishing makes more sense for you than traditional publishing
  4. Recommend resources to help you market your book
  5. Discuss the role of a book proposal and how to write one
  6. Determine what your first or next step is
  7. Help you write your own story

“Thanks to Jennifer’s invaluable coaching, I am about to complete a 15-year book project, the culmination of my life’s work so far. She is impeccable when it comes to attention to detail, organization, clarification and refining my writing style to flow elegantly. Jennifer helps me streamline my sentences in such a way that others can easily access my thoughts and concepts. Her personal and professional skills make her a joy to work with, and she brings the momentum to quickly overcome any obstacle or challenge to any type of writing, whether books, articles or seminars.”
—Elizabeth Botchis, Ph.D, Health Education and Human Services

Starting Your Speaking Business

  1. Clarify your purpose and intention
  2. Determine whether your topic is marketable
  3. Discuss how you can get started in the business (or where to go next)
  4. Determine your fees
  5. Present a clear and complete picture of the industry
  6. Give you feedback on your presentation

“Jennifer Hawthorne is one of the most dynamic, compelling speakers I have ever heard, and it is her passion for speaking, her clarity and her techniques that inspired me to begin public speaking. Jennifer’s coaching has helped me to speak from my heart and use my intellect to organize and coherently present my material. I am excited about developing my speaking career!”
—Elinor Hall, life coach, St. George, Utah

Reviewing Your Book Proposal or Manuscript

Is your book proposal or manuscript ready to submit to an agent or publisher? Jennifer will give you a comprehensive evaluation and feedback on content, marketability, audience, organization and title.

“Your report is FABULOUS and much more comprehensive than I expected. I’m thrilled with what you’ve done for me.”
—Caroline Britton, corporate trainer, New Zealand

Need Help with an Important Business Letter or Email?

Whether it’s the cover letter to accompany your resume or a proposal for a campaign to roll out a new product, Jennifer can make sure you’re on the right track. Jennifer will review your letter for tone, organization and clarity.

“I often have Jennifer edit my most important emails--my primary means of business and personal communication. With masterful skill, Jennifer reorganizes and polishes, getting the point across in as few words as necessary and fully convincing the reader of the intended message—at the same time meeting every rule of English! She is truly a word artist.”
—Wendy Read, telecom reconciliation analyst, Fairfield, Iowa

“Jennifer has been my number one source for help and advice over the years in dealing with school and professional papers, letters, and documents. She is knowledgeable and experienced in so many areas—editing, business etiquette, etc.,—making her the perfect go-to woman when writing really matters!”
—Gabrielle Hess, Cornell College graduate

For Estimates and Appointments

Contact Jennifer: or 772-774-8260